Thursday, April 19, 2018

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Colonel Demoted And Others Punished Over Dinosaur Puppet Video During A Re-Enlistment Oath

Master Sgt. Robin Brown, right, a public affairs officer with the Tennessee Air National Guard, recites her oath of re-enlistment using a dinosaur hand puppet in an April 13 video. (Screenshot of video from Facebook)

Air Force Times: Colonel demoted, immediately retired from Air National Guard over dinosaur puppet video

The Tennessee Air National Guard colonel who led a re-enlistment ceremony in which a senior noncommissioned officer recited her oath using a dinosaur puppet has been demoted and retired.

Army Maj. Gen. Terry Haston, the adjutant general for the Tennessee National Guard, also announced in a Facebook post Wednesday that Master Sgt. Robin Brown, the SNCO whose videotaped re-enlistment ceremony created a firestorm online, has been removed from her full-time job with the Tennessee Joint Public Affairs Office and is facing other administrative actions.

Haston also said that another Tennessee Air National Guardsman — an unidentified SNCO who videotaped the event ― has been removed from his job as unit first sergeant and has been reprimanded. That SNCO will stay in the Guard.

Brown could be identified in the video because she said her name as part of the re-enlistment oath.

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WNU Editor: As I had remarked when this story first broke out a few days ago .... General: Dinosaur Puppet Re-Enlistment Video Unacceptable (April 17, 2018) .... what the hell were they thinking?

Update: Oh oh ....

Picture Of The Day

Loading Munitions
Marines load bombs onto an F-35 Lightning II aircraft during a distributed short takeoff vertical landing operation in support of Weapons and Tactics Instructor course 2-18 at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Ariz., March 30. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Ashley McLaughlin

WNU Editor: The above picture is from the following photo-gallery .... Marines Arm, Refuel F-35 Lightning II Aircraft (US Department of Defense).

White House And U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Are Denying Reports That Mattis Asked President Trump To Get Congress's Approval On Syria Strikes

Daily Mail: White House shoots down report Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told Trump he should get Congress to vote before Syria airstrikes as 'categorically false'

* Mattis made the recommendation after Trump had already tweeted to 'get Ready Russia,' according to the New York Times
* Trump also wrote that the U.S. munitions would be 'smart'
* According to the report Mattis urged a congressional vote, which some lawmakers urged as a way to get buy-in, add to the weight of strikes
* White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called it 'completely false'
* Trump wanted to be seen as backing up his tweets
* The tweets followed what the U.S. said was the use of chemical weapons on civilians
* Mattis also warned that a major attack could provoke a war with Russia
* 58 per cent of Americans backed the strikes in a new poll
* The U.S. ultimately fired missiles at just three targets

The White House on Wednesday called a report that Secretary Mattis urged President Trump to get approval from Congress before ordering a strike on Syria 'categorically false.'

'Reports that Secretary Mattis urged the President to seek congressional approval before last week’s strikes in Syria are categorically false,' said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

'As Secretary Mattis explained to Congress in yesterday’s all-member briefs, the President appropriately ordered the strikes under his constitutional authorities,' she said, referencing a briefing Mattis provided to lawmakers.

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WNU Editor: The New York Times and their anonymous sources are sticking with their story.

More News On The White House And U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Denying Reports That Mattis Asked President Trump To Get Congress's Approval On Syria Strikes

White House, Mattis deny report he urged Trump to get Congress's approval on Syria strikes -- The Hill
Mattis disputes report he wanted Congress to approve Syria strike -- AFP
White House slams report that Mattis urged Trump to ask Congress to approve Syria strikes -- Washington Times

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Is Russia And The U.S. On The Verge Of A Nuclear Arms Race?

Russian Topol inter-continental ballistic missiles are pictured during a rehearsal for the nation's annual May 9 Victory Day parade (file photo)

The Guardian: US and Russian nuclear arsenals set to be unchecked for first time since 1972

Arms control experts have signed a statement warning international constraints will expire in 2021 unless a new nuclear deal is reached.

The US and Russian nuclear arsenals could soon be unconstrained by any binding arms control agreements for the first time since 1972, triggering an expensive and dangerous new arms race, a group of former officials and experts from the US, Europe and Russia has warned.

In a statement to be published on Wednesday, the signatories point out that the 2010 New Start treaty limiting the deployed strategic warheads and delivery systems of the US and Russia, will expire in February 2021, unless urgent steps are taken to extend it.

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WNU Editor:  Both countries cannot afford a nuclear arms race right now. I expect talks on these issues will start in 2019.

President Trump Will Be Meeting North Korean Leader Lim Jung-Un In The Coming Weeks

FOX News: Trump says he'll 'respectfully leave' Kim Jong Un summit if talks are 'not fruitful'

President Trump told reporters Wednesday he would not hesitate to walk out of a planned summit meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un "if I think it's a meeting that is not going to be fruitful."

"I hope to have a very successful meeting," Trump said at a joint news conference alongside Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. "If we don't think it's going to be successful, we won't have it. If I think it's a meeting that is not going to be fruitful, we're not going to go. If the meeting when I’m there is not fruitful, I will respectfully leave the meeting."

The president spoke one day after it was revealed that CIA Director Mike Pompeo had met with Kim over Easter weekend in an effort to lay the groundwork for the prospective meeting with the American president, which Trump has said could take place by early June.

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WNU Editor: I expect next week's summit between North and South Korea will be successful .... as well as the meeting between President Trump and North Korean Kim Jung-Un. It is in everyone's interest to come to an understanding that will lay the groundwork for future agreements and reconciliation. The big losers will be the South Korean taxpayers. I predict that they will be forking over tens of billions of dollars to make all of this work, and even more in the future if all of this works out. But is it worth it? If it brings a final peace to the Korean peninsula a few decades from now .... I would say definitely yes.

Was Russia's 'Elon Musk' Murdered In Jail?

Valery Pshenichny

RFE: 'Russia's Elon Musk' Raped, Tortured, Killed In Jail, Report Says

A Russian entrepreneur suspected of embezzling money earmarked for building military submarines was raped, tortured, and killed in pretrial detention, the independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta reports.

In an April 16 report that cited what it said were the findings of state forensic pathologists in St. Petersburg, Novaya Gazeta said that Valery Pshenichny's jailers "tortured and then killed him" and "did not even try to hide the evidence."

The forensics experts "ruled out suicide" and determined that Pshenichny -- who was found hanging in his cell on February 5, three weeks after his arrest -- was raped before his death, the newspaper reported.

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Update: 'Russian Elon Musk' raped and tortured to death in custody, say experts (The Independent)

WNU Editor: Reading news reports like this one always sends a chill up my spine .... and is one of the many reasons why I am grateful to live in Canada.

Did The White House Leak CIA Director Pompeo's Secret Trip To North Korea?

Representative Mike Pompeo (R-KS) testifies before a Senate Intelligence hearing on his nomination to head the CIA on Capitol Hill in Washington January 12, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Louis Nelson and Eliana Johnson, Politico: White House hypes North Korea trip to boost Pompeo’s image

The CIA director is facing a narrow Senate confirmation vote to be Trump's next top diplomat, and supporters say the high-stakes trip proves he can handle the job.

The White House on Wednesday cast CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s meeting with North Korea’s leader as evidence of his qualification to be President Donald Trump’s top diplomat, putting a political spin on his act of high-stakes nuclear diplomacy.

Word of the trip, arranged to discuss an upcoming summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un, leaked on Tuesday in the midst of the White House’s effort to ensure Pompeo’s confirmation as secretary of state. Trump has tapped Pompeo to replace the ousted Rex Tillerson, but his fate in a narrowly divided Senate is uncertain.

The revelation was timed to shore up Pompeo’s image as a diplomat capable of executing sensitive negotiations on the president’s behalf, according to a senior administration official—and to undermine Democratic efforts to portray him as a warmonger unsuited to lead the country’s diplomatic corps.

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WNU Editor: The first thing that struck me about yesterday's announcement on CIA Director Mike Pompeo traveling secretly to North Korea to meet Kim Jung-Un was how well they kept this secret. Unlike the beginning of the year when the intel community was leaking everything .... there have been no leaks for a long time, a testament to CIA Director Pompeo in cleaning up house and putting his own people in positions of power to insure that there will be no more leaks. The second thing that I then thought about was that this was a deliberate leak .... probably from President Trump himself .... to shore up the stature of CIA Director Mike Pompeo so that he can be easily approved by the Senate for the US Secretary of State post. Will this work .... I do not know. Pompeo has his opponents .... in both parties .... but this will probably help him with Democrats who may have been inclined to vote against him before this announcement.

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- April 18, 2018

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan speaking to the press on Wednesday to announce snap elections. Photo: Presidential Palace via Reuters/Murat Cetinmuhurdar

Spengler, Asia Times: Turkey’s Erdogan hastens one-man rule after Syria victory

Surprise call for snap election comes as Ankara and Tehran consolidate positions in the region, all while America’s looming withdrawal leaves Israel with its back against the wall

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan today surprised regional politics and financial markets by calling snap elections on June 24, consolidating one-man rule in what used to be the region’s lone democracy. The Turkish lira rose sharply on the news, from 5.08 lira per euro to less than 5 per euro at this writing. Money in the Middle East flows in the direction of political power, and Erdogan has emerged from the scramble in Syria as the co-hegemon of the region along with Iran, with Russia acting as arbiter between the two powers.

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Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- April 18, 2018

Erdogan catches Turkey off guard by calling early elections -- Susan Fraser, AP

4 essential elements of a U.S. strategy on Syria -- Michael E. O’Hanlon, Brookings

Syria strike leaves murky, risky aftermath -- Peter Apps, Reuters

When it comes to atomic Arabian ambitions, UAE wins the race -- Jonathan Gorvett, Asia Times

Democrats Should Give Pompeo a Chance to Fix the Iran Deal -- Eli Lake, Bloomberg

Iran's Real Enemy in Syria -- Karim Sadjadpour, The Atlantic

Can Saudi Arabia Afford Its Megaprojects? -- Irina Slav,

Top spook meets Kim in Pyongyang in diplomatic surge -- Andrew Salmon, Asia Times

North Korea Talks: Here's What a Pragmatist Could Hope For -- Tyler Cowen, Bloomberg

Pompeo's Secret Visit Shows Trump Wants to Go Big on North Korea -- Uri Friedman, The Atlantic

How Shinzo Abe Can Help Trump Understand Kim -- Ronald Tiersky, RCW

India Moves Toward a Regional Reset -- Suhasini Haidar, The Hindu

Raul Castro leaves Cuba with new freedoms, deep problems -- Michael Weissenstein and Andrea Rodriguez, AP

New leader in Cuba: What's in store after the Castros? -- Chase Winter, DW

Cuba After the Castros -- Bloomberg editorial

World News Briefs -- April 18, 2018 (Evening Edition)

Cuba's President Raul Castro (C-L) and First Vice-President Miguel Diaz-Canel (C-R) arrive for a session of the National Assembly in Havana, Cuba, April 18, 2018. Irene Perez/Courtesy of Cubadebate/Handout via Reuters

Reuters: Castro nears retirement as Cuban president; lawmakers vote on successor

HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuba’s Raul Castro was just hours away from retiring as president after parliament proposed Miguel Diaz-Canel as his replacement on Wednesday, a shift that will usher in the island’s first non-Castro leader since the 1959 revolution.

Castro, 86, was due to step down on Thursday after 10 years in office. He announced his departure several years ago and has long signaled that Diaz-Canel, a 57-year-old Communist Party stalwart, was his likely successor, carefully managing the transition to ensure political continuity.

The move to a younger generation of Communist leaders is historic on an island dominated for nearly 60 years by Fidel Castro and then his brother Raul. But in the short term it is unlikely to herald major changes to the one-party system or state-dominated economic model.

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Syria probe mission on hold amid security fears.

Syria 'chemical attack': OPCW Douma visit 'delayed by security issue'. UN security team came under fire in Syria's Douma.

US, allies to be unable to dislodge Assad, says Russia's UN ambassador.

Saudi in talks with US over troop deployment in Syria.

Iran: Five killed in clashes with fighters near Pakistan border.

President Hassan Rouhani: 'Iran will produce any weapons we need'.

Senators doubt benefit of US support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

Five Palestinians injured by Israeli fire near Gaza border: ministry.

UN Security Council postpones visit to Iraq.


Trump issues public challenge to Abe on trade.

Trump says ‘good relationship’ formed with North Korea.

South Korea to offer economic and political sweeteners if North Korea allows in nuclear inspectors.

Korean leaders can discuss peace, but can’t end Korean War.

Taiwan says Beijing 'saber rattling' as China starts military drills. Taiwan accuses China of 'sabre rattling' as naval drill begins.

Philippines may lodge protest with China after military planes seen in Spratly Islands.

Gunmen kidnap Afghan election staff, burn voter documents.

Indian Prime Minister Modi confronted by angry protests in London.

Papua New Guinea reportedly set to join China's Free Trade Agreement at APEC.


US urges Nigeria to change tactics against Boko Haram.

Economic growth picks up in sub-Saharan Africa: World Bank

Sudan protests to UN over Egypt voting in disputed area.

Egypt to decline any request by US to send troops to Syria: former intelligence official.

Mali: Thousands flee as inter-communal violence heats up.

African migrants face rape, torture in Yemen's Aden: HRW.

African Union High Level Committee sees positive progress in Libya.

Zimbabwe sacks thousands of nurses on strike.

Somaliland poet jailed for three years in crackdown on writers.

The bloody toll of Congo's elephant wars.


Macron faces spreading student protests, rail strikes.

Russia: our response to U.S. sanctions will be precise and painful.

US notifies Russia it will not impose new sanctions for some time — source.

Russia denies 'feeble' and 'groundless' accusations of internet tampering.

Germany's Angela Merkel plans meeting with Russia's Vladimir Putin amid Syria crisis.

Russia blocks millions of IP addresses in battle against Telegram app.

Amid protests, Armenia’s ex-president becomes prime minister.

Strike extended, Greek ferries stuck in port until Friday.


Puerto Rico suffers island-wide power outage. Excavator blamed for island-wide blackout in Puerto Rico.

Four U.S. senators seek details on unusual cellular surveillance in D.C. area.

Trump hails CIA chief Mike Pompeo's secret trip to N Korea.

Trump to hold rally during White House correspondents' dinner.

Trump says porn star Daniels is conning the media.

US treaty with Native Americans put to test in Supreme Court salmon case.

Diaz-Canel tapped to steer Cuba through post-Castro uncertainty.

Cuba lawmakers meet to choose Raúl Castro's successor. After six decades of Castro rule, Cubans greet end of era with a shrug.

'We are watching you': Political killings shake Mexico election.

Former US First Lady Barbara Bush dies at 92.

3 men convicted in Kansas plot to bomb Somali refugees.


Chilling ISIS propaganda poster shows Donald Trump as prisoner in orange jumpsuit as terrorists threaten West with drive-by shootings.

Military grade firearms increasingly available to terrorists in Europe - report.

Islamic State propagandists seek to undermine rival jihadists in Syria.

Egypt's military says IS leader in Sinai killed in shootout.

Niger may have arrested militant with ties to ambush that killed 4 US soldiers.


US stocks modestly higher as earnings come in; oil surges.

Oil soars 2.9% to 3-year high, settling at $68.47, as US crude stockpiles drop.

Facebook plans to bring back facial recognition in Europe and Canada despite promising regulators it would drop the technology over privacy concerns.

Whiskey imports on the rocks as threat of US-China trade war weighs on industry.

Twitter restored after outages reported worldwide.

Miguel Diaz-Canel Has Been Selected As The Next President Of Cuba

VOA: Cuba's First VP Nominated as Only Candidate for President

The Cuban government says First Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel is the only candidate nominated for president, a move that guarantees he will be the communist country's first president outside the Castro family for the first time in nearly 60 years.

The nomination must be approved by the Cuban National Assembly, which has historically approved nominations.

In an unusual two-day procedure, the legislature will choose a new president on Wednesday and announce the replacement for Raul Castro on Thursday. The two-day process is a departure from the past, when the legislature has generally chosen the president and made the announcement the same day. The votes are almost always done in secrecy, in keeping with the will of the country's top leadership.

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WNU Editor: WNU predicted this leadership succession five years ago .... The Next Leader Of Cuba? (February 25, 2013). Will he reform Cuba's economic and political system and give a better life to its people? Let me just say that I hope he keeps a promise that he made to some people that I know a few years ago.

More News On Miguel Diaz-Canel Being Selected As The Next President Of Cuba

Miguel Diaz-Canel, 57, selected as next president of Cuba -- AP
Castro nears retirement as Cuban president; successor proposed -- Reuters
Diaz-Canel tapped to steer Cuba through post-Castro uncertainty -- AFP
Cuba lawmakers meet to choose Raúl Castro's successor -- BBC
A Non-Castro Will Be Cuba's President for the First Time in Almost 60 Years -- TIME
Miguel Díaz-Canel unopposed in bid to replace Cuba's Castro -- UPI
Cuba's presidential transition bringing no joy to its exiles -- National Post/AP

What Will The U.S. Chemical Inspectors Find In The Syrian Town Of Douma?

(Click on Image to Enlarge)

Anne Barker, ABC News Online: Why inspectors won't blame Syria even if they find traces of chemical weapons in Douma

Chemical weapons inspectors are in Syria to begin their fact-finding mission at the site of the alleged chemical attack at Douma 10 days ago.

But don't expect any definitive finding that points the finger at Syrian government forces, or any other group.

The chemical weapons watchdog — the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) — lacks a mandate to assign blame, no matter what evidence it finds at the site.

Its brief in Syria is merely, "to establish facts surrounding allegations of the use of toxic chemicals … for hostile purposes".

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Update: What traces of chemical weapons could OPCW investigators still find in Syria? (Rebecca Staudenmaier, DW)

WNU Editor: The UN inspectors are having problems .... U.N. team fired on in Syria while visiting suspected chemical sites (Reuters). More here .... UN team fired on at suspected Syria chemical attack site (AP).

China Launches War Games Near Taiwan

Newsweek: China Launches War Games Near Taiwan, Sends Official to Tell Island You Belong to Us

The Chinese military began live-fire exercises Wednesday in the waterway that separates it from Taiwan, a breakaway island nation still claimed by the mainland government in Beijing.

China's Taiwan Affairs Office Director Liu Jieyi said the drill, which the Fujian Maritime Safety Administration described as lasting from 8 a.m. to midnight local time, was designed to "safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial integrity," according to the official China Global Television Network. As Beijing increased and intensified its South China Sea presence, its rhetoric targeting Taiwanese autonomy has grown more militant.

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More News On China Launching War Games Near Taiwan

China flexes military muscle in waters near Taiwan -- CBC/AP
China Conducts War Games, and Taiwan Is the Target -- New York Times
China holds live-fire drills in Taiwan Strait -- AFP
China's live fire drill a 'red line' in Taiwan Strait -- Sydney Morning Herald
Beijing holds live-fire drills in Taiwan Strait for first time in 2yrs amid tensions with Taipei -- RT
China sends warning to Taiwan with naval drills near island -- Washington Post
China's military drills raise tensions in Taiwan Strait -- Asia Times
Taiwan is accusing China of using ‘cheap verbal intimidation and saber rattling’ as live-fire drills begin -- Business Insider
Taiwan accuses China of 'sabre rattling' as naval drill begins -- BBC
Taiwan says Beijing 'sabre rattling' as China starts military drills -- Reuters
Taiwan Downplays Chinese Military Exercises -- Wall Street Journal

Is Libya’s Most Powerful Military Leader Dead?

General Khalifa Haftar, commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA), attends a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow, Russia on August 14, 2017 [Reuters/Sergei Karpukhin]

CNBC: Libya’s most powerful military leader might be dead and that could impact oil markets

* Libya's most powerful military leader reportedly suffered a stroke this week — and no one can confirm whether he is dead or alive.
* Local media has reported General Khalifa Haftar's death, while sources close to him insist he is recovering.
* Haftar's death could mean a renewal of violence that could hit the OPEC country's oil output and create new opportunities for groups like ISIS.

Libya's most powerful military leader reportedly suffered a stroke this week — and no one can confirm whether he is dead or alive.

Local media has reported General Khalifa Haftar's death, while sources close to him insist he is recovering. If the former is true, it could mean a renewal of violence and a power struggle that could hit the OPEC country's oil output and create new opportunities for extremist groups like the Islamic State militant group.

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WNU Editor: Someone tried to assassinate his Military Chief of Staff today .... Eastern Libyan military chief of staff survives car bomb attack (Reuters). More here .... Chief of Staff for east Libyan self-styled army escapes assassination attempt in Benghazi (Libya Observer).

More News And Analysis On The Impact Of General Khalifa Haftar's Health On Libya's Future

Libya: Rumors about Gen Haftar’s death denied -- Middle East Confidential
Haftar's grip is loosening, but what next for Libya? -- The New Arab
ANALYSIS: Could Haftar's illness spark a new power struggle in Libya? -- Middle East Eye
Libya after Haftar? -- European Council on Foreign Relations
What happens to Libya without Khalifa Haftar? -- Fouad Diab, Al Jazeera
A weakened Khalifa Haftar means more instability for Libya -- Guma El-Gamaty, Al Jazeera

Meet Tammie Jo Shults, The Heroic Ex-Fighter Pilot Who Safely Landed A Stricken Southwest Airlines Plane

Photo: Tammie Jo Shults during her time with the Navy in 1993. (Supplied: Military Fly Moms)

ABC News Online: Southwest Airlines: Meet Tammie Jo Shults, the heroic ex-fighter pilot who safely landed stricken plane

The pilot who safely landed a stricken Southwest Airlines flight was one of the first female fighter pilots in the US Navy, and was accustomed to touching down F-18 fighter jets at 150 miles per hour on aircraft carriers.

Tammie Jo Shults, 56, may have drawn on her Navy skills when one of the two engines on her Boeing 737-700 blew and broke apart at 32,000 feet on Tuesday (local time), forcing her to implement a rapid descent towards Philadelphia International Airport.

A woman died and seven others suffered minor injuries in the incident, which happened shortly after the Southwest Airlines jet departed New York bound for Dallas. Passengers were praised for clinging to a woman who was partially sucked out of a window broken by shrapnel from the exploded engine.

But Ms Shults might never have become a pilot if she had not been so determined to fly from a young age.

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Update #1: Southwest emergency landing pilot Tammie Jo Shults is a pioneer with 'nerves of steel' (USA Today)
Update #2: Who is pilot Tammie Jo Shults, who landed the crippled Southwest plane in Philly? (The Herald)

WNU Editor: Her training kicked in. The passengers and crew were/are lucky to have someone like her behind the controls.

Are Greece And Turkey Inching Toward War?

Alexis Tsipras and Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a file photo. Ekathimerini

Yiannis Baboulias, Foreign Policy: Greece and Turkey Are Inching Toward War

Populists in both countries are deepening a rare military crisis between NATO allies.

The relationship between Greece and Turkey has never been easy. The neighboring countries have been at war with each other several times in the 20th century and were close to military conflict over the Greek islet Imia in 1996, before the United States stepped in to avert disaster.

The NATO allies are now at the brink again, goaded by populists on both sides — and this time, Washington is nowhere to be found.

On Monday, a Greek-Turkish confrontation rekindled old memories. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, during an event in Ankara, claimed that the Turkish coast guard had removed a Greek flag from an islet near the island of Fournoi, after it was placed there earlier by three Greeks. The Hellenic National Defense General Staff responded that no Turkish boat had been seen in the area in the last 48 hours; the mayor of Fournoi then visited the islet and reported that the Greek flag was still there.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: This is becoming deadly .... A ‘secret war’ between Turkey and Greece just turned deadly after a long history of dogfights over the Aegean Sea (Brinkwire).

More News On The Growing Tensions Between Greece And Turkey

Greece, Turkey in ‘Undeclared War’ in the Aegean -- Greek Reporter
Alternate Defense Minister: Greece, Turkey in “undeclared war” -- IBNA
The undeclared war over the Aegean sea -- SOFREP
The ‘Secret’ Dogfights Above The Aegean Sea We Rarely Hear About -- Task & Purpose/Business Insider

Turkish Jet Fighters 'Harass' The Helicopter Carrying Greek PM Tsipras Over The Aegean Sea

Ekathimerini: Turkish fighter jets harass Tsipras's helicopter

Two Turkish fighter aircraft reportedly harassed the Chinook helicopter carrying Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the Greek Armed Forces Chief Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis as they were flying from the islet of Ro to Rhodes on Tuesday afternoon.

The Turkish fighter jets, flying at an altitude of 10,000 feet, asked the Greek helicopter pilot, which at that moment was at 1,500 feet, to provide flight details, according to defense sources.

The pilot immediately informed the prime minister and the HNDGS Chief and alerted the Greek air force which dispatched two fighter jets, which approached the area at 20,000 feet. The Turkish aircraft retreated.

Read more ....

Update #1: Turkish fighters harrass Greek PM’s helicopter (Ahval)
Update #2: Turkish Fighter Jets "Harass" Helicopter Of Greek PM Tsipras (Zero Hedge)

WNU Editor: This is an understatement .... Greek PM: Greek-Turkish relations in period of "instability" (ABC News/AP). Bottom line .... there are many differences between the two countries .... Turkey warns Greece after hoisting of flag on Aegean islet (Reuters).

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Has Called A Snap Election For June 24

Hurriyet Daily News: Snap elections to be held on June 24: Erdoğan

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has called a snap election on June 24, moving the date up from November 2019.

"Even though the president and government are working in unison, the diseases of the old system confront us at every step we take," Erdoğan said in a speech in Ankara.

"Developments in Syria and elsewhere have made it urgent to switch to the new executive system in order to take steps for our country's future in a stronger way... We discussed Mr. Bahçeli's call with our relevant authorities. We came to the agreement that we should approach this early election positively," he added.

The snap election decision came after a meeting between Erdoğan and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli.

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Turkish president calls snap polls in June -- AP
Turkey's Erdogan declares early elections on June 24 -- Reuters
Turkey's Erdogan calls for snap elections on June 24 -- Al Jazeera
Turkey to hold snap elections on 24 June, says Erdoğan -- The Guardian